Grunge Positive

by Adrian Aardvark



Recorded in four states (Texas, Rhode Island, South Carolina, New York)

“Grunge Positive is the process in between the beer, your belly and that stream of pee from the rooftops, the molding of the food that lies in the cracks of your car seats, the crack between your stove and the wall, the feeling you get when you’re talking to a friend late in the night and it makes you feel like a lit up tree.
and any boundaries between his experiences with the world, and his music are probably about as small as these cracks. Be thankful if you are one of his lab rats and listen to the creation.”


released June 22, 2009

Features sounds made by Christopher Rigsbee, Chantelle Lebeau, Justin Passino, Matt Zeppieri, Corey Collins, and Andrew Settevendemio



all rights reserved


Adrian Aardvark Plattsburgh, New York

Punks, poets, freaks and classically trained musicians make psychedelic grunge folk art together.

Years of struggling with distractions like drugs/alcohol, unrequited love, and overwhelming thoughts of life being so unbelievably complex (how is it even possible that life even happens at all?) there is joy once again while still staying true blue.
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Track Name: All Over
"dish detergent. i put carpet cleaner in the dishwasher. soapy soapy. everywhere. all over. all over."
Track Name: Beautiful
don't hurry your heart
don't feel guilty cuz
guilt is a wicked wicked ghost

i just want my face to
touch your skin
i want to feel like this is where i should have been

you are beautiful

run over to helpful handfuls
drive over to your hidden ghettos
dance around your treasured pitfalls
singing out loud you are beautiful
Track Name: Love
paper rock scissors
i am just one of tons of chrises
out to eat forever
cuz i hate doing the dishes
lazy dude with lazy shoes
can't get out the door
but when he hits a groove
he burns it up on the dance floor

it's okay to love everyone cuz everyone wants someone to love

honey i got soft beats and wine coolers
we can just chill and relax by the fire
and it is snowing outside like a blizzard
but inside my heart is so warm like a tropical jungle
and it's.. it's... it's endangered
that's what i am trying to say
Track Name: Body
all these senoritas
keep feeding me coronas
cuz i give them a case of the ha-ha-has

you don't like your body
but ain't nobody
got a body like you oooo oooo

ba ba ba, de de de
Track Name: Holding

hold me closer now under your covers
hold me tighter now than all your other lovers


wallabies don't wanna be
like this, Chris
wallabies don't wanna be like this

Track Name: Ship
tried to find
some salvation
in our relation
ship has sailed
our crew has bailed

but i am stowaway
on our ship
i don't want to be a throwaway
on your lip

but i am caught here drowning
and i can't even swim
i don't even like this ship or
even this place that i am in

the anchor's tied to my foot
and it's pulling me down
but you know actually i am just
gonna leave this one horse town
Track Name: Boogeyman
"hey, it's uhhh 1:30, going to lunch.
you're probably tucked in your cozy bed, couch, floor, whatever you're sleeping on.
going to find you, going to find you because i am the shit nightmares are made of.
i am the monster in your closet.
i am the person your parents told you to stay away from.
i am the boogeyman, bitch."
Track Name: Toaster
take a fucking walk down to the river
cut open your belly and flop out your liver
do a little dance a jig and call me in the morning
but if you speak of politics i'll say you're boring

yeah, you're so boring
get the fuck out my face, shit

hobble down this cobble street like you a toaster
anyone see you? no cuz you a ghost, sir
invisible to everybody especially the ladies
home alone with your culinary monstrosities
Track Name: Alaska
i want to go up to alaska
and i want to get so cold where i don't feel anything at all
i'll be numb, i'll be numb

the gloom can drain my energy
but i'll keep swimming positively
cuz i see the way things can be
i can see how i can live happily
and if you don't want to be in my family
we can cut down this old tree
i'll grow over here and you'll grow over there
and maybe one day we'll see each other
and we'll see that we've grown apart
and how we've changed
but i'll still be me and you'll still be you
and i think we really shouldn't try anymore
cuz we've tried so hard before
look where it got us
just remember that i love you
just the same and that neither one of us
can hold onto the blame
cuz different ships hold different sailors
and i wish we could have grown closer
but we chose our routes
and i still have my doubts
but time will tell
if we chose well
but until then i think
i'll be numb, i'll be numb
Track Name: Mmmm
Mmmmm mmmm mmmm
Track Name: Sleep
watched you undress
as i placed my keys on your dresser
fell into your bed
like i wanted to fall forever

and all i wanted to do
was just sleep by you

i am tangled in these clouds
try to sing but my voice sounds muffled
so i scream so loud
disrupts the peace and makes me sound disgruntled
everything has become so heavy
all this death and misery are overwhelming at best
but you got to hold onto that beauty
life is full of good so let go of all the rest

let it go
Track Name: All Over (Reprise)
"hey Corey Collins.
i am not alive anymore.
yeah that's right i have given up
my body is spread out
i am dead and my body is spread out
and it is confusing.
it is confusing.
it is so confusing."