Otter Shambles

by Adrian Aardvark



Buried under a blanket of sunless sky and comforted in a deathbed and dreaming of women in smarty pants... this drunken gunslinger stumbles through experimental folk-pop songs while running away from mountain trolls at high speeds.

Recorded shortly after moving to Keflavik, Iceland and following a series of loss of loved ones and continuous rejection in the search of love.


released December 20, 2006



all rights reserved


Adrian Aardvark Plattsburgh, New York

Punks, poets, freaks and classically trained musicians make psychedelic grunge folk art together.

Years of struggling with distractions like drugs/alcohol, unrequited love, and overwhelming thoughts of life being so unbelievably complex (how is it even possible that life even happens at all?) there is joy once again while still staying true blue.
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Track Name: What's at the End?
Through all the pain you say, through all the pain you say “I am okay”, “I am doing okay”
Can’t escape tragedy, can’t escape tragedy, there will be better days so you say

In the end we’re all equal
Bones and dust and dead people
So why can’t we all enjoy this time?

Don't look back, just keep on running, going forward

In the end we’re all equal
Bones and dust and dead people (cold dead people all underground)
So why can’t we all enjoy this time?

What will I see before I die? Will it be walls or the sky?
I wonder...

What will I hear before I die? Will it be laughter or a cry?
I wonder..... oh oh oh oh!

Will you recognize me when I am weathered down
Will you recognize me when I am under ground

And the maggots are rolling all around underground

Do I really want to know what’s at the end?
Do i-i-i- i do, i do, I do, uh-huh!

In the end we’re all equal
Bones and dust and dead people
So why can’t we all enjoy this time?
Track Name: Boneless
I want to look into the mirror and see no bones there at all
I want to shake your hand and throw you through this here wall
And I am so tired of coming to this no end backyard bar-b-que
And I am so tired of cumming alone with dirty pictures of you

But I can’t change this slow dance into a tango
I can’t break my body and revert into a new low
But baby I got a heart so full that it could cover up this shit
And loose your way back around this last little bit

Hey you still came out alright
Got your head on straight and put your sex parts right back on
Baby cakes, this milk is stale
It’s okay since I am out the door, on the road and as good as gone
But if I was boneless right now… right now… right now….
Track Name: Crashing into the North Atlantic Ocean
My name is Adrian Theodore Aardvark, I’ve came to say “hello”, hello, hello
I had a dream that my plane crashed into the sea, and everyone aboard died but me, but me
Floating and starving in the cold North Atlantic Ocean water, I felt it was the end of me for sure, for sure
But alas, I had a vision of how I could survive, for three weeks and five more days
Somewhere in the sea there’s a pigeon floating there for me, with its name carved across its chest
Softly I swim my way to thee (to thee, to thee), its wings are broken and there’s no hope for life
But oh, I am hungry so I eat it raw, with a splash of salt water for flavor

But no, it was a dream, I am not about to die
Or starve or drown or eat a dead pigeon raw
Track Name: Perdón
Saving your money, oh she’s saving her money
And she’s gonna buy a really really really big pair of fake tits
When something is so old, and something is so bold
It takes the shit with the gold and not have their wrists up in slits

Oh I see what you meant by that now
I will die alone
I will die on the phone
On hold waiting for you

I am sold on you
I got a hold on you
I wanna get old with you
I gotta die cold with you

I just hope you know
I’d forgive you for everything
If you wouldn’t mind me kissing your toes at
Your parents’ house sometime on Thanksgiving

Shaaaa-ut up you little weasel
She don’t care for that kinky sort of thing
She’s a good girl with a good
Solid Christian upbringing

I know, I know
I just don’t know what I was thinking
Track Name: Hypnotic Toes
and then it goes
to your hypnotic toes
i am a gentleman but
i wouldn’t mind mouthing your feet
so, you turned out to be
sicker in the head than me
it’s alright when you’re in bed
but this fella still has eyes on yer toes, uh-oh!!

suckling, rubbing, i think i am gonna paint your nails pink & blue
wiggling, flexing, you think it’s the ugliest part on you but that’s untrue

sep-er-rate your... sick minded love-lust feelings for one night!!
dis-con-nect the phone... so we can be alone, do this till it’s done right!!

i wanna say, whatever gets you on, leave it on, throw it on, and come away with me!
i wanna say, i know what gets you on, i will leave it on, bring it on, and go away with you!

go away... with you...
come away.... with me...
for one night.
Track Name: Soda Water
i've been drinking for some time
i've been giving up alcohol for a while
but it always finds its ways in my glass

whatcha worried for
it is only soda water

have one little drink, okay
have one shot, okay
have a glass of wine, okay
have a can of beer, well okay

whatcha worried for
it is only soda water

times keep changing but things will be the same
things will always (never) be the same
Track Name: Mountain Troll
mountain troll, mountain troll
do you still live underground??
mountain troll, mountain troll
can you hear my jumping around??

i am climbing the mountain
i am climbing the mountain
i am climbing the mountain
i am the king of the mountain
i am the king of the mountain
i am the king of the mountain
huh huh uhhhhhh
Track Name: A Well-Dressed Pagan
yesterday, i sold my eternal soul
to a pleasant well dressed pagan
and just today, i’ve lost control
i’m killing off all my good friends again
i’m standing here saying i’m so sorry
my suit is stained with their blood and i don’t know what came over me
well i don’t really wanna talk about it
i’ll be thinking of what went wrong when i’m burning in hell for eternity
burn, burn, burn

and i thought i was doing my best
to stay far away from my evil ways
then i felt my soul leave my chest
that pagan cashed in and now i must obey
hey, hey...... oh...

cleaning up this mess, and i realize, i’m all alone, all alone!
i’ve drained everyone’s blood, onto, their carpets of their expensive homes
went through their things and i find crappy keyboards and scratched up CDs
so, i think to myself, SELF, lets start a band, get some gigs and try to get laid
i’ll score a record deal and headline a world tour, i’ll save up my money and buy back my soul
i’ll feel complete again, worth something, on the day that i get made
until someday...
Track Name: Tough Enough
while i am gonna stand up and call your bluff
i am gonna prove to this world that i am tough enough
yeah i am fucking tough
and it can hit me all year with bad vibrations
cuz i am done with all the news stations
i am making this weather and it’s clear for you
so you can see out your window and wave “hello”
to that mailman that you like who just got his job
to feed his kids so they can have the strength
to walk to school and become smarter people
to make this whole great world a better place
for even more little people to do the same and the same and the same
till the end of time
Track Name: Smarty Pants
I am impressed that you are a genius
I just go wild when you talk to me oh so smart
But sometimes, I’m ashamed to say, I get a little jealous
That you know all the chambers of my heart

Lets take off your smarty pants
and give this dumb boy a fighting chance!
Lets take off your smarty pants
and get ready to dance, dance and dance!

Many days I’ve been alone, hoping to hear your voice on the phone
but you’ve left me hanging out here to dry
I called your mom and she said you were gone, so I crashed outside on your lawn
and your daddy ran me over with his lawn mower and I die

You turn yourself into a scientist, with a lab, potions, well you get the gist
You put my cold dead body on the operating table
You get me prepped for reanimation, restart my body with a new sensation
Bolts of lightning go through my body and now I am able...

To run and sing about how smart you are
You brought me back to life and you’ve raised the bar
Whatever knowledge I lack, I know you’ve got my back
Cuz you are my one and own, smarty pants!

So why don’t you give me a fighting chance?
Track Name: What Are You Birthing For?
what are you birthing for if you don’t have the power to give birth?
i want to die and create my life over and over again
oh come out in the moon light with me
oh see the pregnant moon with me
Track Name: I Don’t Feel like Singing Anymore
mmmm mmmmmm

i don’t feel like singing anymore
no more today
Track Name: Gunslinger
do you want to be a real gunslinger like me
i hope, i hope, i hope, i hope