Tiny Tiny Conversations

by Adrian Aardvark

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Summer heat setting off stressed friendships, relationships, and lots of bar hopping madness. Recorded in lost homes, early mornings, drunken nights, empty beds.

Photography by Meg Risley
Sounds by Christopher Jay Rigsbee


released November 10, 2009



all rights reserved


Adrian Aardvark Plattsburgh, New York

Punks, poets, freaks and classically trained musicians make psychedelic grunge folk art together.

Years of struggling with distractions like drugs/alcohol, unrequited love, and overwhelming thoughts of life being so unbelievably complex (how is it even possible that life even happens at all?) there is joy once again while still staying true blue.
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Track Name: Innocent Love
I can’t hold on to anything
I can’t hold on to anything
And I realize that there is nothing
Stopping me

Innocent love, yeah
We’re all looking for some
But where are we gonna find our little love
Our little snuggle bug, where?
Are you gonna be standing there in the club
Next to the bar, waiting for your drink
And am I gonna sneak up and say “hello”
Or will you be on the dancing floor
Shaking it to the left and shaking it to the right
And will I get the courage tonight
Will I get the courage to speak to you
And the only thing holding me back right now
Are my insecurities
I wish this liquor was filling me with courage
That I cannot muster on my own
Track Name: Last Call
These bar bands and empty mugs want the same thing tonight
All want some more love
Guess my heart is looking for the very same thing tonight
With this cigarette breath and unkempt hair my odds ain’t looking too fair
These pitchers splash into my hopeless glass
Could I buy another round for you
While our shoes stick to the floor our words stumble out the door
I can’t keep my eyes off of you
But the time for moves moved away since the last couple of shots
I can’t even stand to greet you
So how about another round for the paralyzed lovers
Who just can’t get off the ground
Try to sober up on with a tap of glass water
But you know that stuff will sure kill ya
With the last call on hold I’ll stroll singing pass your booth
We all want some more love
Track Name: Young Pharaohs and Horses
Temperatures rise
Wanna nibble on some juicy thigh
Catch this hot summer
Watch homes smolder

Young pharaohs and horses
Dance at the bars till they closes
Lock jawed after parties
Where are all the naughties

Early morning comes again
Takes me back to the world again
And I don’t wanna ever stop

Trickling cold water
On blind smooth silky skin
It’s so surprising
It’s so appealing

Clementine skins cover the ground
Unopened letters keep piled around
Mosquito bites start humming
Wish they were speaking

Early morning comes again
Takes me back to the world again
And I don’t wanna ever stop
Track Name: Lonely Bunny
She was a lonely bunny
Out in the open meadow
The past couple of days have been rainy
And there was no place left to go

So she hopped and hoped and hopped

Just hoping for another bunny
He didn’t have to be that handsome, no
It would help if he was bright and funny
And when she finally finds him

They’re gonna hop and hump and hop
Track Name: Creaky Wooden Floor
I know we haven’t really talked
Sure we’ve conversed but we haven’t really said anything at all

There’s an elephant filling up this whole room
Could it be my feeling that are stifling the air

Wonder what you’d say
If I whispered in your ear
Told you you should stay
Or we could have a home anywhere

Our hands are stained from beets
We look just like purple monsters trying to takeover this kitchen

Lost looks in dirty dining ware
The sink is flooding over with dishes and it smells just like bad breath

Wonder what you’d do
If I just kissed your cheek
Told you my love is true
And I am not just another wooden floor creak
Track Name: Funny Bone
Where’s you funny bone
Is it comatose sleeping alone
Give it a little drink and watch it spring to life

Do a little funny dance
Take another risky chance
Cuz in the end it’s just regrets of the haves and have nots

Wonder what could have been
Would you wanna try again
Lessons learned with a little bit of heartbreak

Even after all the lies I’ve lied
Still got a bit of hope inside
Beginning again is hard but we’re all gonna do just fine
Track Name: Go To War
Snapping rubber bands on naked wrists
While doing cartwheels in angry neighbors’ yards

Pour another glass of lemonade
Because today we finally go to war with the setting sun

Sick of jump rope and vodka shots at 3AM
Look slim with this soaking underwear

Monster dump hotcakes on this ferris wheels
Like galleries full of useless bodies without any movement
Track Name: Summer Love Affairs
Penetrating ear canals with dirty fingertips
Loosing our way in stained bed sheets
Collecting photographs of past love affairs
Sharing our tales of lovers will never meet

Dancing on dewy grass with drunken memories
Wailing into the early morn after loosing friends
Could never keep up with distant pen pals
Sometimes I guess some relationships just end

Won’t you spill your guts on me
Tell me what you really want to be
Sell off the farm and the factory
Run away and fall in love with me

Did time just murder everything we once had
Trying to sop up the blood and save it in glass jars
But now there’s shattered glass in my bare skin
Trying to sop up what’s left in lonely bars

Silver cars rusting away in open grass lots
And these dogs are anxious to go on long walks
There are gardens that need tending so wake up now
If there wasn’t so much life I’d still be in shock

Don’t worry it’s gonna be alright
I got a place to keep us warm at night
Put down the knife we don’t have to fight
We can make love till morning’s light
Track Name: Harmony
Somewhere deep down in basements of sinking apartment building
Lay countless unused paint cans full of expired paints and poisons
Waiting for drunken romantics to make hysteric scenes with
Waiting to be touched and used to surface even for just one night

Wet pavement streets and washed out towns were never good places for soccer games
Rusty truck beds seductively inviting the sick and lonely for a night’s rest
Morning comes punching in with a roar familiar of an auctioneer
Morning steps of salty toes and unwashed dinner plans regurgitate onto a near by floor bed

Distant pans of shutters and whispers trip through cracks of sidewalks
While the wind still moves your hair until it wraps around your face
Dancing pollen floats down like snow onto earthly surfaces once bare
Dancing vibrations gather round car alarms and hum in harmony
Track Name: Applesauce
Applesauce binging
Cuz it’s the season
Couch cushion findings
Dried up ole raisins
Feel this summer heat
Through this foggy glass
Hydrate withered souls
With condensation
Track Name: Modern Day Caveman
Time is so old
It carries great weight
Unimaginable distance and space
We are so young
Naive but jaded
Driven away from things we use to be
But our time is now
Before we die
Living like modern day cavemen in a space
Hooked up and connected
Updating sound waves
Listen to our drive kick into neutral

Perverted madness
Disposable dishes
Paid advertisement
Dependable riches
Voyeuristic neighbors
Unstoppable plans
Grinning pollution
This love is dead

I believe in a spaceman

Way out in space there is something
Something that is making plans
Plans for me plans for you
I want to know these plans
Track Name: Love Counselor
Most likely, this summer love just fades in and fades away
But like me, I want it to cement itself so that it is safely secure
Not wavering, fluttering like these dragonflies in this twilight
Still sleeping, curled up forever next to me with bed bug bites

All I need is a love counselor
Cuz I got so much love to give, it’s overwhelming
And I got so much more left to live, it’s astounding

But likely, these two things turned into ghosts of campfires
But not me, busted these ghosts through suds and buddies
Lost language, still nervous in the knees but who’s checking
Got baggage, keeping in toe but not for too much longer

All I need is a love counselor
Cuz I got so much love to give, it’s overwhelming
And I got so much more left to live, it’s astounding
Track Name: Karma Headache
Speaking of mastodons
For right or for wrong
We will never know the truth
Applying for any sort of work
From trash man to desk clerk
Anything that ends with a paycheck
And I’ve checked my own skin
I think I have cancer yet again
Just when I don’t even have any money
And I have a room full dirty laundry
Because you know I got this headache
I’ve got this headache that won’t give me no rest
I got this headache that just pounds and pounds and pounds
Ever since I’ve started drinking
And sure the drink is good the drink is fine
I feel mighty good and might fine
But even I’ll admit there have been some times
The drink turned me into a monster
Just like the moon turns me into a werewolf
This drink turns me into a cannonball
And then karma, sweet karma
Then karma turns my morning into a headache