When History Repeats Itself

by Adrian Aardvark

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Everything happening in Ferguson/across the United States and many other events that have been going on closer to home have been on our minds. What a horrific tragedy and a slap in the face for the 50th Anniversary of the Civil Rights Act. If anything, this has shed light on other terrible incidences of police brutality or over use of force that haven't been as publicly know. Please be good to one another. I hope that Michael Brown finds peace where ever we all eventually go.

Support to all the protesters, family, neighbors in Ferguson and all over the world.


released 31 August 2014

Sean Godreau: mix master, zube tube
Christopher Rigsbee: bells, didgeridoo, duck calls, electric guitar, vocals, zube tube
Christopher Shacklett: drums, percussion
Shannon Stott: violin
Catie Wurster: double bass



all rights reserved


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Adrian Aardvark Plattsburgh, New York

Punks, poets, freaks and classically trained musicians follow the original aardvark in striving to learn and burn their fingers to become wise.

Years of struggling with distractions like drugs/alcohol, unrequited love, and overwhelming thoughts of life being so unbelievably complex (how is it even possible that life ever happens at all?) there is joy once again while still staying true blue.
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Track Name: When History Repeats Itself
I can’t jerk off no more
My tumblr feed is nothing but
Dead bodies and tragedies
Shit is hitting the fan yet
People keep saying that this
Shit can’t happen to me
Well it is in our backyards
On our soil, on our hashtags
And it is on our minds
This is about race, class wars,
Our fucked up democracy
Taking out all of mankind
We are all one, one sky,
One Earth, one future,
One time
Can’t we all just please love
Each other or at least just
Respect one another
Mike Brown is looking down
And he’s seeing a nation trying to
Pull together with our palms open
And our hands held high, we say
“Don’t shoot!”

Fuck every news channel that
Refuses to report the reality of
This situation
Forces hacktivists, brothers and sisters
In Anonymous to shine
Light on this frustration
Freedom of speech, right to protest
Is all being taken away from
Us right before our eyes
This has happened before,
Kent State, Jackson University
How many young adults need to die?
We fight amongst ourselves
Because we can’t face the fact
That we’re a bored war hungry country
If you believe in truth, justice
And the American way
It is dead
Palestine citizens educate us
How to deal with our own
Militarized police forces
Only in the US of A
Only in the land of the free
“Don’t shoot”

I keep having nightmares
Of ex-girlfriends
Taking their own lives
How can I move on when
I got ghosts burning
Under my own eyes
Fake teeth, busted face,
Distant family and
Endless anxiety
But I am so fucking lucky
To be alive and with
My wife to be
Suicide still haunts my shadows
Oh and the darkness
Is still there
This time I am not alone
I have my friends
Right here, right here
I worry for the future
The ones I can’t help
The ones who need someone just like me
Be there for your friends,
Your family, your neighbors
Countrymen, Earthlings
Speak, talk, share love
We have to choose to be
Good or evil
The choice is yours
Track Name: What's at the End?
Through all the pain you say, through all the pain you say “I am okay”, “I am doing okay”
Can’t escape tragedy, can’t escape tragedy, there will be better days so you say

In the end we’re all equal
Bones and dust and dead people
So why can’t we all enjoy this time?

Don't look back, just keep on running, going forward

In the end we’re all equal
Bones and dust and dead people (cold dead people all underground)
So why can’t we all enjoy this time?

What will I see before I die? Will it be walls or the sky?
I wonder...

What will I hear before I die? Will it be laughter or a cry?
I wonder..... oh oh oh oh!

Will you recognize me when I am underground
Will you recognize me when I am weathered down

And the maggots are rolling all around underground

Do I really want to know what’s at the end?
Do i-i-i- i do, i do, I do, uh-huh!

In the end we’re all equal
Bones and dust and dead people
So why can’t we all enjoy this time?
Track Name: Jump in the Water / Everything was Free
Jump in the water
Jump in the water, baby

Something’s got me
Something’s got me, oh no


Jump in the water
Jump in the water, baby

I thought everything was free
Until I found myself in jail
Track Name: Toaster (Oven Loving version)
Take a fucking walk down to the river
Cut open your belly and flop out your liver
Do a little dance a jig and call me in the morning
But if you speak of politics I'll say you're boring

Yeah, you're so boring
Get the fuck out my face, shit

Hobble down this cobble street like you a toaster
Anyone see you? no cuz you a ghost, sir
Invisible to everybody especially the ladies
Home alone with your culinary monstrosities

Be mean or unseen
You jellybean

Been living in a toaster oven
It is too hot for the kissings and a loving